Welcome to the digital home of Red Hot Rock Magazine!

I have been looking forward to the U.S. launch of Red Hot Rock since I started publishing the magazine in 2002 while I was living overseas. My goal, and the goal of my staff, has always been, and our mission will continue to be, to cover for our readers all eras and genres of rock music and the roots of this music that we love. We will not shy away from artists or styles of music not considered trendy by other publications. The litmus test, the only consideration for inclusion in the magazine, will be whether or not a particular artist creates outstanding music. Red Hot Rock will remain a true music magazine. Yes, we will cover other subjects when we feel they will be of interest to our readers. But you will never find Red Hot Rock placing on our cover the latest pop idol or Hollywood flavor of the day.
Releasing seventy issues of RHRM and broadcasting radio since 1996, I have accumulated an impressive collection of conversations with legendary figures and classic characters. Many of the artists I have spoken to are no longer with us. None of these hundreds upon hundreds of interviews have ever been printed in the English language and it is exciting to finally have the opportunity to do so. The fresh content obtained from new interviews will be complemented with interviews from our archives that we feel will be of interest to you.
The format of Red Hot Rock Magazine is all-Q&A. By printing extended and unvarnished conversations instead of sound bites from those talks, we allow the reader a window into what the interview was like the day it was conducted. There is a stylistic warmth that simply does not exist when conversations with artistic types are chopped to bits to allow for more space for other content. Whether or not we stick with this manner of presentation is up to you. Please let us know if you would like us to continue publishing our features this way, raw and naked, or if you would rather read traditional articles, where pieces of the interviews are integrated into a story as part of the narrative.

Email us at contact@redhotrockhq.com to let us know if we are headed in the right direction or if you would like us to change tracks. Also feel free to contribute your opinion as to the content of the magazine or anything else that is on your mind. You can also contact us at that same email address if you are interested in submitting a writing sample. We will be looking for new writers as we expand our staff on this side of the ocean.

It’s Good To Be Home!

Richard Adam Kern